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Welcome to the Maryland_Earth Religions Alliance Family Community. MD_ERA will be a forum community oriented towards family pagan discussions and events in Carroll County.
Our goal here is to provide a safe haven for those who wish to join a list free of flames, free of negativity, and who are looking for a friendly family atmosphere. This live journal community will be where ERA group information can be posted, including events, celebrations, and discussions on topics studied. This group is for all paths of Earth Religions who wish to gain knowledge from others, give knowledge to others, and to share as a community the camaraderie that goes with love and respect for ourselves, the God and Goddess and the Earth. Children and teens are welcome at events. All events are potluck. Let us work together towards building an Earth Religions Community in Maryland that is educational, spiritual, and friendly. One that can meet the many needs of those who have found themselves following one of the Many Earth Religions leading to the divine. We are people of many paths and many ideas...all coming together in a place where respect and positive energy are part of the foundation and building blocks of a great community.
Blessed Be and Gentle Breezes.


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