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Greetings all,
many of us accept that love can come from anywhere, and that Gay and lesbian relationships are not only about the bedroom. These people want the same rights that are guarenteed to other Americans. They want to be able to visit their significant other in shock trauma if there is an accident. They want to be able to ensure that their spouse is taken care of in the event of one's death. they want to be able to file taxes and get a break for being a married couple. They want to adopt children as a Family. Who are we to take one aspect of a relationship and say that it is the only part of that relationship? There is so much more to gay and lesbian relationships than the sexuality part of it. Our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters love in the same way as we do. They take care of each other when sick...they help each other financially..they loose each other to death sometimes, and they grieve in exactly the same way as heterosexuals. so, I ask you...Want to make a difference? The American Family Association is conducting an online poll about gay marriage, and plan to show their results to Congress. But who ARE they polling? Exactly! Lets add alternative input.

its now 55.44% in favor of gay marriage

Go here:
then Repost on your livejournal!

Help us skew their results! It takes a few seconds of your time. If you do not want to do this, or if you do not agree with gay marriage, simply forget I ever posted this. blessings, to each of you and Happy holidays!
Jenny Harvilak
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