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Possible Event of Interest 
07:21pm 04/08/2007
  Summer Meditation Retreat

Mudras & Malas

Mudras (sacred hand positions accompanied by breathwork) and malas (a string of prayer beads often used with a mantra) have been used for centuries as meditation tools. This special summer Saturday morning retreat will introduce you to the use of both to enhance your meditation practice.

Beginners and seasoned meditators are welcome.

Saturday morning, August 11, 2007
9:00 - 12:00 noon
$35 per person
Open to both men and women.

Facilitated by Vickii Engel Thomas
The Center for Healing Arts
112 East Main St., Westminster, MD

To register, call 410-848-9257 or email Vickii at vthomas@qis.net.
In case anyone is interested... 
02:08pm 26/06/2007
  William Blake Lodge is offering some great Magick 101 Classes on Thursday nights, starting June 21 and ending July 26. The classes will be held from 7:30pm-8:30pm at:

The Crystal Fox
311 Main Street
Laurel, MD 20707

Only $10.00 per class! A bargain for sure!
Dues current OTO members are free!!!

June 21: Creating Magickal Space
June 28: The Elements and Planets
July 5: Aleister Crowley: The Man and Magician
featuring guest lecturer Richard Kaczynski Ph.D.,
author of the biography Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley
July 12: Pentagram Rituals
July 19: Hexagram Rituals
July 26: Ritual Construction
Just saying hi for the 1st time 
10:48am 08/02/2007
  IntroductionCollapse )  
Quick question about music 
08:13pm 12/10/2006
mood: excited
Besides, the CD's and such that ADF sells, is there anywhere else to find Pagan themed music? Someone in my area is looking to start a Pagan voiced choir and I told him I would look around to see what I could find.

And we might be doing something similar here so I wanted to make sure I had a broad base of music to choose from for myself as well. Thanks to all who can help.
Baltimore Pagan Pride Day Starts Tomorrow!! 
01:13pm 29/09/2006
mood: excited

The First Annual Baltimore Pagan Pride
10 am to 5 pm Saturday, Sept. 30, 2006

The Ben Cardin Picnic Grove & Pavilion
Gwynn Falls/Leakin Park, Baltimore, MD
See: http://www.openhearth.org/baltimore/

Be one of those who say... "I was at the very first!" In a little
less than 24 hours, the 2006 Washington-Baltimore Pagan Pride Week
officially kicks off with the FIRST Baltimore Pagan Pride Day!

Make plans to take part in this historic event while enjoying two
live bands, three workshops, a community drum circle, kid's
activities and over a dozen vendor and community organization tables!

A free and open event taking place at the Gwynn Falls/Leakin Park in
Baltimore, MD - participants are encouraged to bring a bag lunch and
their drums; as well as a canned food and a Pagan book donation.

LIVE MUSIC: Two great bands will join us tomorrow, including American
Sinner and Plastic Sky, both previously featured favorites at the
Open Hearth Foundation's Pagan Band Jam series.

FREE WORKSHOPS: Classes will include Druidry by Caryn MacLuan and Will Pierson,
a review of the Correllian Tradition by Pam Griffith, and an introduction
to Faery Magic by Vivienne Colquhoun.

CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES: Don't forget to bring the kids! The Baltimore
Pagan Pride Day will offer an extensive collection of children's
activities on the beautiful grounds of Gwynn Falls/Leakin Park.

TABLE SPONSORS: Over a dozen different organizations will be
represented tomorrow, including: Campbell's Unique Editions Books,
CedarLight Grove, Change of Seasons, Chesapeake Pagan Community,
Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca Temple of the Sacred Arts,
Free Spirit Alliance, The Healing Way, Jonas' Attic, Lexie's Grove &
Winter Wolf's Den Incorporated & As You Wish, The Open Hearth
Foundation, The Pagan Peddler, SpiralHeart, SpiralScouts
International, Spiral Dance Circle, Squaring the Circle, Sylfaen
Blends, and Tarot Readings by Abba Eridanus.

For directions and additional details about the Baltimore Pagan Pride
Day see: http://www.openhearth.org/paganpride/bal

Th Open Hearth Foundation would like to offer its thanks in advance
to the members of the Baltimore Planning Team for its tremendous help
putting together an amazing first event, including (among many
others) Stephanie Stills, Killina, Vivienne Colquhoun, CedarlLight
Grove, and the Chesapeake Pagan Community.


Kicking off the larger Washington-Baltimore Pagan Pride Week, the
Baltimore Pagan Pride Day is one of thirteen events scheduled this
year between Saturday, September 30 and Saturday, October 7. For the
full schedule of events, see: http://www.openhearth.org/paganpride/

To get daily notices and updates regarding the Washington-Baltimore
Pagan Pride Week, consider joining the OHF's free and low-traffic
email announcement list by visiting the Open Hearth Foundation site
at: http://www.openhearth.org/help/list.shtml


Please join us in thanking the major sponsors and supporters who have
helped make the Washington-Baltimore Pagan Pride Week possible:

CedarLight Grove, ADF

Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca Temple of the Sacred Arts

Free Spirit Alliance

The Paint Branch Nature Spirituality Circle



A nonprofit and federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization serving
the Washington, DC region - The Open Hearth Foundation is a Pagan
community center initiative working to create gathering space and
resources for Pagans of all paths. See: http://www.openhearth.org
Dark Moon Study Group 
07:57am 18/09/2006
  Would anyone be interested in a non-fluffy, not-so-Wiccan Dark Moon Study Group (no offense to Wiccans)?

I'm thinking of starting one up after Yule, and would apprieciate some feedback. If you have any questions, email me at admin@aikaterine.org
11:20pm 11/07/2005
  any takers on what this could mean??

past present future spread....Collapse )
07:28am 29/11/2004
In matters of love, you are all-powerful.

Which Famous Seductress are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
07:19am 29/11/2004
  Wounded Heart

To give it all
To a stranger
Who just keeps taking
Not giving
To want, so much more
But know, you are not breaking
The heart of
The one you love

To give it all
To a trusted friend
Who loves you
And gives twice back
To want, so much more
But know, you are breaking
The heart of
The one you love

Where is the
Happy medium?
The stranger?
The Friend?
Wanting more
No longer an option
But know, you are breaking
The heart
Of your very own
07:08am 29/11/2004
  The Crow Flies By

As I sit –
Lurking with
the morning fog
The crow flies by…

The bringer of a message
that I don’t understand
The keeper of a secret
that only he knows

The Crow
So silent
steadfast and true
guarding all I have

Taking my thoughts
As he flies
To a safe place
To consume as I lurk
As I sit
The crow
Flies by
07:06am 29/11/2004
some random thoughts......

What is it?
Singular? Plural?
Indefinate? Short term?
Negative? Positive?
Godly? Evil?
Sweet? Sour?
New? Old?
Black? White?
Full? Empty?
Smooth? Rough?
Hot? Cold?
True? False?
Passive? Aggressive?
Is this love?
Current Mood: confused
more random....... 
07:04am 29/11/2004
  The Crow Flies By

As I sit –
Lurking with
the morning fog
The crow flies by…

The bringer of a message
that I don’t understand
The keeper of a secret
that only he knows

The Crow
So silent
steadfast and true
guarding all I have

Taking my thoughts
As he flies
To a safe place
To consume as I lurk
As I sit
The crow
Flies by
what planet.......... 
09:26pm 11/11/2004
mood: content

You Are From Neptune

You are dreamy and mystical, with a natural psychic ability.
You love music, poetry, dance, and (most of all) the open sea.
Your soul is filled with possibilities, and your heart overflows with compassion.
You can be in a room full of friendly people and feel all alone.
If you don't get carried away with one idea, your spiritual nature will see you through anything.

MD_ERAFC Event coming up 
10:08am 31/07/2004
  Greetings all...
Just wanted to let you all know about 4 MD_ERAFC workshops in August at Cedarhurst Unitarian Universalists Church in Finksburg. MD_ERAFC Members, Ariel and Chris will be doing a series of Shamanic journeys workshops every Friday night in August. The gathering starts around 7 - 7:30, and the workshop will probably start not too long after that, and run til about 9 or 10. This event is open to the public, and is free, but on a donation base only...donations will go to the church for use of the space and electricity. The address for Cedarhurst is 2912 Clubhouse Road, Finksburg, Maryland. We meet in the basement in the children's chapel.

People will need to bring a notebook and pen, drum or rattle, if possible, wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow to sit on. Also, they will need a bandana to cover their eyes. Learn how to do a shamanic journey to lower and upper worlds, find power animals and guides.

For more information, please visit the MD_ERAFC yahoogroup at Http://www.yahoogroups.com/groups/MD_ERAFC


or email to Ariel at: the_fyrebyrd@yahoo.com
or Chris at: redhawkdancing@yahoo.com
01:55am 11/06/2004
mood: worried
When I was in high school(a little over 4 years ago now) I did a ritual- with my then boyfriend (truely evil) that I"m wondering if anyone would be willing to help me design something to undo it...

I don't remember much of the actual ritual but the wordds spoken were

To seal the fate of future
and bind us together
heart to heart and mind to mind
fluid like flowing water
solid on steadfast stone
contained by fragranced wind
eternal like fire alone
create in us a bond
formulated to never break
we pledge to bind this act
it is the pact we make
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Help if you wish to 
04:06pm 22/12/2003
  Greetings all,
many of us accept that love can come from anywhere, and that Gay and lesbian relationships are not only about the bedroom. These people want the same rights that are guarenteed to other Americans. They want to be able to visit their significant other in shock trauma if there is an accident. They want to be able to ensure that their spouse is taken care of in the event of one's death. they want to be able to file taxes and get a break for being a married couple. They want to adopt children as a Family. Who are we to take one aspect of a relationship and say that it is the only part of that relationship? There is so much more to gay and lesbian relationships than the sexuality part of it. Our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters love in the same way as we do. They take care of each other when sick...they help each other financially..they loose each other to death sometimes, and they grieve in exactly the same way as heterosexuals. so, I ask you...Want to make a difference? The American Family Association is conducting an online poll about gay marriage, and plan to show their results to Congress. But who ARE they polling? Exactly! Lets add alternative input.

its now 55.44% in favor of gay marriage

Go here: http://www.marriagepoll.com
then Repost on your livejournal!

Help us skew their results! It takes a few seconds of your time. If you do not want to do this, or if you do not agree with gay marriage, simply forget I ever posted this. blessings, to each of you and Happy holidays!
Jenny Harvilak
11:42pm 21/11/2003
  Hello everyone.

I want to advertise a new shop that has opened up...it's called Itchita's Way. It's currently located at Bargain Bill's Fleamarket in Laurel, Delaware, but sometime between January and March we will be opening a storefront in a new location, which I will post about then. It's a Metaphysical shop intended to cater to all spiritual beliefs, and taking great care to respect everyone. We currently feature herbs, jewelry, pendulums, teas, annointing and essential oils, as well as various other oils, waters, books, and relics. We also carry a number of Native American handcrafted reproductions.

Some example items:
High John
Solid Amber
Mandrake Root
Dragon's Blood
Assorted Pendants and Talismans
and more. We'll attempt to find anything you might request, as well.

I thank you all for your time.

EDIT: I had forgotten to mention, there are two metaphysical shops at this location. Ours is the one located indoors.
Death and the Summerland Lecture 
06:39pm 04/11/2003
  Death and the Summerland Lecture
by Jennifer Harvilak

Do not read if you will be coming to the lecture on FridayCollapse )
MD_ERA Samhain memorial Ritual 
01:28am 26/10/2003
  Here is the Samhain memorial ritual that I wrote for the MD_Earth Religions Alliance...

Samhain Memorial RitualCollapse )
05:15pm 22/10/2003
mood: content
Just a quick welcome to anyone who decides that they want to become a part our Earth Religions Community. I look for this to be a place for you to post poetry, stories, spells, anecdotes, and anything else that you think may be of interest to others who come here. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me at PaganRose@Juno.com
Jennifer Harvilak
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